Sunday, 19 May 2019


Below are some Chemical Reaction Examples:

1. Magnesium ribbon is burnt in the air & get converted into Magnesium oxide powder.

2. Iron gets corrode due to moisture, acids & oxygen present in the atmosphere.

3. Carbon dioxide is produced after burning Carbon material in the air.

How do you present all of these Reaction shown Above??
It is inconvenient to present these reactions in the form of sentences. Do you know Why? Sentence form is a quite long Right?? As you can see. It is also inconvenient to write in the form of sentences.

So Is there any other way to represent in SHORTER FORM? 

Yes, We will use Chemical Equations.

So the first question arise in our mind is what is chemical equation & why we should use it?

Chemical Equation is nothing but a shorter form to represent what is happening is a chemical reaction. The reason behind using is to make understanding easier. 

Now let us see How we will write chemical equations for the above three reactions.

1. Magnesium + Oxygen → Magnesium Oxide 

2. Iron + Oxygen → Iron Oxide

3. Carbon + Oxygen → Carbon Dioxide

So you can see how easier these has become now. 

You can understand from the chemical reaction by this form. 

Dear Ones, Don't you think the above method is still quite long. I mean You still have to write full names of reactants & products. Can't we make it even smaller?

Yes, we can make it still smaller by using Symbols for the above-used reactants & Products. Do you why? Answer this question after this.

Let us write the Above in form of Symbolic Representation:

1. Mg + O₂ → MgO

2. Fe + O₂ → FeO

3. C + O₂ →→CO₂

Now tell me which one is easier to understand?

Obviously the 2nd method.

So this is what Chemical Equation is. I hope my article has cleared your concepts. Don't leave without commenting and stay tuned with Beyond Books Education.